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10 Brilliant videos on the Art of Hosting

Over the past few years Jerry Nagel and a group of practitioners in Minnesota have been working deeply with the Art of Hosting in the state.  The Bush Foundation, who has supported a lot of this work, helped create 10 fantastic videos on the Art of Hosting and some of the methods of the process.  You could look through these and get a great foundation in what it’s all about.  Enjoy!

1.  Art of Hosting – introduction:

2. AOH Community Conversations for the common good:

3. AOH Four-fold Practice:

4. AOH Harvesting:

5. AOH Collective Story Harvest:

6. AOH Chaordic Path:

7. AOH Chaordic Stepping Stones:

8. AOH Circle Process:

9. AOH Open Space:

10.  AOH ProAction Cafe:



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