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10 years and still going

Ten years ago on September 6, 2002 I launched this blog with an innocuous little link to an on lie art project ground through Euan Semple.  I called the blog Parking Lot, which is the term facilitators use for a flip chart where we record things that are off topic to the subject at [...]

Be patient with the comments

I’ve installed and strengthened my spam filters for comments and trackbacks, so as you comment it may take a while to appear. Please be patient…thanks!

WordPress 2.6 Upgrade: Fixing Missing Categories

If you have upgraded to WordPress 2.6 and your categories are hosed, have a look at this fix, which worked for me. It takes a bit of time, depending on hyour number of categories, and you need to mess around in the database, but it’s fairly straigtforward.

Thanks for the post David!

Housewarming party anyone?

Alright, I made the switch to WordPress.

Like every big move, the decision to do so was simple, the mechanics slightly harder and the final touches will take awhile. At any rate, if you are reading this in a newsreader, you won’t notice much difference. For those of you with more of an eye [...]