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One way to do it

Just thought I would share this piece of communication from my son’s school.  he attends a middle school that has a unique focus on its approach to learning and character development and there is a lot I like about it.  I especially like the way there are certain traditions that flow, giving a time [...]

Dealing with the architecture of fear

Just read an article on how the fear of failure is the greatest thing holding back innovation in the business world. One reads these kinds of articles all the time. The essence is that unless we can let go of fear or deal with our deep need to be in control at all times, [...]

Self-doubt and the bullying boss

Johnnie Moore posts a touching analysis of what drives bullying bosses in organizations.  Some recent research concludes that a perceived sense of incompetence can cause people to lash out against others.

This has been my experience.  Our culture demands answers, expertise and bold confidence in making decisions.  Most people are trained starting in pre-school [...]

Back at home, from the feed

My business year usually follows the wet seasons, running for September to June.  I’m finally back home on Bowen Island, relaxing and recovering, feeling rather burned out from a very heavy year of travel and work.  Here are a few links that crossed my path recently:

Euan Semple on why flashmobs are beautiful. Johnnie [...]

Fear is relative

Last week I was working with an interesting group of 60 Aboriginal folks who work within the Canadian Forces and the department of National Defense, providing advice and support on Aboriginal issues within the military and civilian systems.  We ran two half days in Open Space to work on emerging issues and action plans.



Photo by Nathan Ward

Little elements that showed up lately:

A beautiful periodic table of the elements by printmakers A reason why I love the web: Indian cooking on YouTube Johnnie brings it on with a great find on power. Bonus is that he also introduces me to Greater Good magazine. Dustin [...]

Live blogging from STIA

Seattle, Washington

Here at the Systems Thinking in Action conference doing a variety of things, including playing with my friends Teresa POsakony, Tenneson Woolf, Peggy Holman, Gabriel Shirley, Nancy White, Amy Lenzo and Anne Stadler.  We are together co-hosting a conversation space here at the conference which is a place for amplifying the questions [...]

Ten finds

Photo by Jeremy

I was out surfing this week…

Integral strategies – a site in evolution Why I Never Hire Brilliant Men: “Does he finish what he starts? Geniuses almost never do.” Ouch. The new basis of power suits? Shirts that generate electricity. Chaos and fractals – a collection of links Walkabout [...]

Man breaks mold! News at 11

I sat down this morning with my little pot of Dilmah tea to read friends’ blogs. This beats curling up with the Sunday New York Times or some other largely useless aggregation of pulp fibre. Much better to get the news of the day from those who are working on things and who need [...]

School: Socialized or Civilized?

It’s kind of an old debate, but the question of “socialization” seems to come up a fair amount when I talk about homeschooling with people who aren’t familiar with that way of life.

Usually I give the half-facetious remark that we don’t send our kids to school precisely because school seeks to socialize them.  [...]