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Dealing with your slaves and seeing the world

In a complex and interconnected world it is hard to be an activist against things.  One of the easiest ways that your opponents can neutralize your opposition to things like oil and slavery is to say “we” you depend on oil and slaves, so that makes you a hypocrite.”

So this is tricky – [...]

Hahopa rising


Yesterday was wonderful.  We spent the whole day around a fire on MacKenzie Beach listening to three stories and reflecting back what we learned.  Pawa’s father Moy and uncle Tim both told stories of growing up in a traditional family and village.  For me Tim’s story of getting stranded with his brother [...]

Collective story harvesting

In the Art of Hosting community over the past two years a group of practitioners have developed a tool called the Collective Story Harvest. I’ve used it several times and it’s a powerful and useful way to rapidly learn from the stories in the room.

Today comes news frim Mary Alice Arthur, one [...]

Just about the most fun you can have getting paid

SItting here with Geoff Brown and Steven Wright at the World Indigenous Housing Conference here in Vancouver.  We are on the back end of what has been a terrific gig.

We were hired by the Aboriginal Housing Management Association of BC to facilitate dialogue at this 800 person international gathering.  The sponsor made [...]

Working with Cynefin to find questions


Working with a client tonight who is beginning a process of trying to find some questions for moving forward.  The client is a group of churches who are exploring how they might collaborate to undertake their joint mission together.  There are a number of factors at play, and the environment they are [...]

Power and listening

A great quote from a post by Mark Simon:

The more power you have, the more people will lis ten respectfully to your story. Consequently, listening to some one’s story is a way of empowering them, of validat ing their intrinsic worth as a human being. ~ Kay Pra nis

A very important [...]

Why culture matters

Analyse this…!

Yesterday I had a chance to grab lunch with Dave Pollard in our local coffee shop on Bowen Island. One of the things we talked about was the supremacy of analysis in the world and why that is a problem when it comes to operating in complex domains.

I have been [...]

Simple instructions for building a question

I am preparing some questions tonight for an exercise I am running, and I rediscovered this elegant and simple process for constructing questions that elicit stories, courtesy of the Ultimate Guide to Anecdote Circles.

Build the question.

People remember events when they can picture an image reminding them of a specific situation. Combine this idea with the [...]

A better metaphor for American debate

Stories that run deep within a culture arise out of the basic and unquestioned metaphors and archetypes that provide the foundation for a culture.  This is true in all kinds of communities, including nation-states and villages, organizations and families.  You can discover some of those foundational metaphors in your own communities by asking yourself [...]

The danger of a single story

Chimamanda Adichie explains in a beautiful talk about how we construct single stories about people and cultures.  This happens all the time with indigenous communities.  People often hear one native person say something and attribute that quote or idea to a whole culture or even worse, to “Native Americans.”

Adichie goes deeply into [...]