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Being hosted by the land

Bowen Island oriented with Snug Cove pointing towards you, as the entrance to the Island.


Yesterday in our five day residential we invited the participants out on the land for a solo retreat.  Bowen Island, where I live, is an incredible place.  To get here, you have to take a boat [...]

Staying on the road

Halfway through our five day residency with leaders from the community sector and the Ministry for Children and Families here in BC.  Times like this, at middle of a five day retreat, we turn our thoughts to what comes next and we forget to be present.  This is our day of practicing presence however, [...]

Mentoring in the world of hosting

All the best stuff I have learned about mentoring has been in the context of traditional culture, whether with indigenous Elders from Canada or in the traditional Irish music community.  Traditional Irish music is played and kept alive in a structure called a “sessiun.”  There is a repertoire of thousands of tunes, but most [...]

Expertise, learning and practice

There is no way you can learn the art of facilitation, the art of hosting, by simply coming to a workshop. It happens from time to time that people show up for a three day workshop and expect that at the end they will be competent hosts of groups process in any situation. To [...]

Mutations are the way to make change

Very few of us have our hands on the real levers of power.  We lack the money and influence to write policy, create tax codes, move resources around or start and stop wars.  Most of us spend almost all of our time going along with the macro trends of the world.  We might hate [...]

10 years and still going

Ten years ago on September 6, 2002 I launched this blog with an innocuous little link to an on lie art project ground through Euan Semple.  I called the blog Parking Lot, which is the term facilitators use for a flip chart where we record things that are off topic to the subject at [...]

Social life as practice

In this article, stringing together some obersvations about Louis CK and Mary Halvorson, Seth Colter Walls touches on the wellspring of collaboration.

He writes a little of the play that replaces rehearsal for true improvisers, of finding outlets of artistic practice where

“no one person is responsible for all the tunes—if tunes are [...]

The purpose of practice is practice

UPDATED: To include Patricia Kambitsch’s beautiful doodle.

We talk about the Art of Hosting as a practice. It is a way of being with self and other.

This is sometimes a difficult concept to understand, because the world is full of lots of instructions about what to do. Telling me what [...]

A collective harvest of the four fold practice

The last couple of weeks my deepening of perspective on the four fold practice of the art of hosting has continued.  In the Art of Hosting Water Dialogues we are teaching the practice and inviting participants to reflect on what they already know about the practice.  Here is a snippet of the harvest from [...]

Learning more about the four fold practice

At our art of hosting water dialogues this morning, several insights on the four fold practice of hosting:

on hosting ourselves, one of the participants who used to work in emergency medicine shared his team’s mantra: in an emergency the first pulse you take is your own, participating means coming to any situation with [...]