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Tim Merry’s recent thinking on collaboration

Tim Merry‘s work on collaborative advantage:

My friend and colleague Tim Merry is sharing some of his most recent thinking on project design and development here in Columbus at the Art of Hosting Beyond the Basics retreat we are doing.  This is a really useful and interesting introduction to his approach:


Cultivating Communities of Practice

Etienne Wenger provides a useful set of principles for cultivating communities of practice as living, breathing things:

Design for evolution. Open a dialogue between inside and outside perspectives. Invite different levels of participation. Develop both public and private community spaces. Focus on value. Combine familiarity and excitement. Create a rhythm for the community.

Read [...]

Autopsy of a Deceased Church

I have been working a lot with churches over the past few years.  One of the things that is interesting about working with mainline churches is that they are a little ahead of the curve in terms of the change of social institutions.  What they are experiencing now is similar to what we might [...]

Dave Snowden on the heuristics of complexity

A very useful list from Dave Snowden which can be used to describe good tactics for dealing with complex situations:

The whole success of social computing is because it conforms to the three heuristics of complex systems: finely grained objects, distributed cognition & disintermediation In an uncertain world we need fast, real time feedbacks [...]

What If Everything Ran Like the Internet?

Inspired post by Dave Pollard today on  the challenge of scale and the confusion of control.  Complicated systems require few connections in order to be manageable:

It is because business and government systems are wedded to the orthodoxy of hierarchy that as they become larger and larger (which such systems tend to do) they [...]

Why Managers Haven’t Embraced Complexity

Richard Straub writes in the Harvard Business Review, on a great piece about what stops managers from adopting complexity views:

Complexity wasnt a convenient reality given managers desire for control. The promise of applying complexity science to business has undoubtedly been held up by managers reluctance to see the world as it is. Where [...]

Self organizing transportation options in community

Here on Bowen Island, we are still small enough and friendly enough that stuff like Bowen LIFT can get started relatively easily.  Bowen LIFT is trying to help people self-organize transportation options to complement our limited but excellent public bus service. This morning on CBC Radio, our LIFTers got a lift of their own.  Listen [...]

Numbers aren’t everything

It’s an old saw with me, but Dave Snowdon puts it very nicely and succinctly:

Numbers are good, but they are never the whole picture.  Its easy to focus on them, they give the comfort of apparent objectivity and used to support human judgement they have high utility.  The problem is when they replace [...]

Mutations are the way to make change

Very few of us have our hands on the real levers of power.  We lack the money and influence to write policy, create tax codes, move resources around or start and stop wars.  Most of us spend almost all of our time going along with the macro trends of the world.  We might hate [...]

Getting beyond the reaction

My friend Bob Stilger writes today from the radiation fields of Fukushima where he has been joining people for the past year in the work of remaking lives after the tsunami and the meltdown.  It’s worth heading over to his blog to follow his ongoing discoveries there, but here are some good bits from [...]