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Tim Merry’s recent thinking on collaboration

Tim Merry‘s work on collaborative advantage:

My friend and colleague Tim Merry is sharing some of his most recent thinking on project design and development here in Columbus at the Art of Hosting Beyond the Basics retreat we are doing.  This is a really useful and interesting introduction to his approach:


Building core teams

Amanda Fenton provides a very useful reference that helps underscore the reasons why core teams are important. It turns out that having 10%of a population deeply committed to an idea will significantly contribute to that idea being widely adopted by the other 90%.

I don’t know about the veracity of this claim in [...]

Capacity, engagement and authentic learning

I think there is probably nothing new under the sun.  Engagement work has been tried, refined and improved all over the world in the last couple of decades that I wonder if there is anything new we can learn?  It does seem to fall into “authentic engagement” and “engagement washing” – if I can [...]

Simple meeting design

This afternoon, Toke Møller and I are hosting a little session on Art of Hosting basics at a gathering for emerging indigenous leaders.  We decided this afternoon to bring real design challenges into the room and we improvised this simple, simple design checklist.  In some ways this is the simplest form of the [...]

“Not to fight with one another”

I was up north on the weekend, working with a small community that has been driven apart by a large and contentious decision.  It doesn’t matter what it was, or what either side wanted – the result is the same result that happens in many small communities: people who are friends and neighbours [...]

Waking up beloved community

Last night in Vancouver listening to Le Vent du Nord, a terrific traditional band from Quebec. They put on one of the best live shows I have seen in a long time with outstanding musicianship combined with incredible energy. Listening to them and watching people dancing I had a deep experience of why we [...]

A small inkling of the new peace

My friend Tom Atlee has been a remarkable documented of the lessons from the #Occupy movement. Since I was at Wall Street two months ago I have continued to be astonished at the creativity, leadership and communication styles emerging from the movement.

Today though, Tom has a long post on perhaps the most astonishing [...]

Three core practices for creative leadership

From an interview with my dear friend Peggy Holman on enhancing creative leadership:

Q: What is one practice that people could start applying today to bring more creativity into their work or their business 

Holman: If I were to pick on practice that is simple to apply and powerful in its affect, I’d [...]

Basic design for extraordinary conversations

A basic diagram for hosting questions that create extraordinary conversations.  In the life of organizations and communities there are times when questions arise that just can’t be dealt with in the regular course of events.  This is often when those of us who are consulting facilitators are brought into an organization.  We are often [...]

Helping participants learn

I’ve been thinking on similar lines; it’s quite tempting to write stuff about faciliation to guide the “leader”… but maybe it would be more powerful to write for the participants. Steve, in fact, goes ahead and does this, suggesting 12 Acts of Courage to Change Meetings for Good.

via Johnnie Moore’s Weblog: Facilitation for [...]