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An intro to the Art of Hosting and some mapping


Back in November Janaia Donaldson from Peak Moment TV interviewed Dave Pollard and I about the Art of Hosting, especially as it applies to transition towns, resilience and community leadership.  That video was released today along with a lovely 10 minute edit in which Dave maps out some of the [...]

Capacity, engagement and authentic learning

I think there is probably nothing new under the sun.  Engagement work has been tried, refined and improved all over the world in the last couple of decades that I wonder if there is anything new we can learn?  It does seem to fall into “authentic engagement” and “engagement washing” – if I can [...]

Designing with introverts in mind


A long time ago I was an introverted person and over the years that has completely changed.  If you know me, you’ll know I love talking to others, being around people and engaging in meaningful social interaction.  I still love my solitude but I love hanging anround in my local coffee shop [...]

What if we can never leave?

There are conversations I don’t want to have and there are conversations I show up in and where I don’t like how I show up there. How to change these?

We are always inside the conversations we don’t want to have. We cannot leave them. We always have to host from inside this [...]

Peggy Holman on Designing for Community

My friend Peggy Holman is about to write a short series of posts on how to manage the tension between hearing from luminaries and hosting participation in gatherings that aim to:

Make the most of the knowledge and experience of the people in the room; Support participants to make great connections; Bring the wisdom [...]

Rediscovering conversation: mighty altogther

It had to be an Irish politician that finally suggested this!  Ireland has been leading the European Union the past six months, including chairing and hosting the EU’s meetings.  Micheal Ring tried a different approach to having all 27 ministers show up and read a speech.

Sports Minister Michael Ring might actually have made [...]

Inappropriate action planning makes me sad

Last year in Slovenia, a group of Art of Hosting practitioners gatherd for a week at a well loved 17th century manor to be together.  I suppose you could call it a “conference” but we all called it a “Learning Village.”  And it was a learning village.  The agenda we set was for a [...]

Improving community decision making

How many of you live in communities where community meetings are boring affairs punctuated by outrage?  How many of you feel like influencing your local government means showing up en masse with a pettion or an organized campaign to get them to make a small change?  How many of you are just plain disillusioned [...]

Why newspapers need to close their comments sections

Imagine you are stuck in traffic.  By the side of a road is a billboard that changes it’s message every five minutes.  You glance over at it and read this:

“Some claim. One race in Canada should not have to work for a living. That this race should receive millions in funding without accountability. That the [...]

The strange case of Canadian contempt

I have a confession.  I advise people never to read the comments on newspaper websites.  But I do read them.  I can’t take my eyes off them.  They are a train wreck of logic and hate and contemptuous entitlement.

Lately however, especially the comments on stories about First Nations, they seem entirely predictable.  In [...]