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Communities of Practice

My friend Peter Rawsthorne begins a series of blog posts today reflecting on what is required to keep a community of practice together online and across organizational boundaries.

What do you need to consider when building a Community of Practice CoP that spans organizational boundaries where client confidentiality needs to be honored. There are [...]

Tim Merry’s recent thinking on collaboration

Tim Merry‘s work on collaborative advantage:

My friend and colleague Tim Merry is sharing some of his most recent thinking on project design and development here in Columbus at the Art of Hosting Beyond the Basics retreat we are doing.  This is a really useful and interesting introduction to his approach:


Cultivating Communities of Practice

Etienne Wenger provides a useful set of principles for cultivating communities of practice as living, breathing things:

Design for evolution. Open a dialogue between inside and outside perspectives. Invite different levels of participation. Develop both public and private community spaces. Focus on value. Combine familiarity and excitement. Create a rhythm for the community.

Read [...]

Creating a mindset to work with failure

Innovation does not come without discarding ideas, trying and failing.  In complex systems with complex challenges, failure is inevitable and desired.  If we need to prototype to sense our way forward we have to have a mindset that can handle failure.

On Saturday at the Art of Participatory Leadership in Petaluma my new friend [...]

Art of Hosting beyond the basics: a new offering


Tuesday Ryan-Hart, Tim Merry, Caitlin Frost and I are just returning from a gathering of experienced Art of Hosting practitioners from around the world.  One of the threads in our gathering was and exploration of how the practice of hosting and harvest conversations in the world can be applied to working with [...]

Safety and rank

Good spot from Johnnie Moore on the power dynamics of safety in groups.  Hint: it comes from attending to rank, not cohesiveness:

Nancy Dixon writes about the conditions that favour good quality conversations in organisations. She uses the term psychological safety to describe the conditions that allow people to take risks in conversations. She [...]

Just doing it

Playing music rather than talking about it



I’m coming back from Hahopa with simplicity ringing in my ears.  I think the mantra is “put something in your hands.”

At Hahopa we cooked together, wove cedar together, trained with swords together, played lahal and sang songs.  We DID a lot. [...]

What If Everything Ran Like the Internet?

Inspired post by Dave Pollard today on  the challenge of scale and the confusion of control.  Complicated systems require few connections in order to be manageable:

It is because business and government systems are wedded to the orthodoxy of hierarchy that as they become larger and larger (which such systems tend to do) they [...]

Time and creativity

Nice little video which demonstrates factors which enable creativity and those which impede it.

Random lessons from learning conversations

Today was a day of hosting on webinars, with a group looking at the emerging edges of the non-profit sector in BC and with a group od UNited Church ministers and lay leaders who are hosting transformation and learning together in a community of practice.  At the end of our second call, this Thomas [...]