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Being hosted by the land

Bowen Island oriented with Snug Cove pointing towards you, as the entrance to the Island.


Yesterday in our five day residential we invited the participants out on the land for a solo retreat.  Bowen Island, where I live, is an incredible place.  To get here, you have to take a boat [...]

Taking a stand on my home island

Another beautiful SUP Sunday afternoon out from Tunstall Bay, into a small headwind and down to Cape Roger Curtis.  We are having the most amazing summer, as evidenced by the water restrictions in place and the fire ban.  It’s dry and hot – most days the temperature reaches 25 and the ocean is in [...]

This afternoon’s office

Nice place to write this afternoon at the Bowen Island Marina in Snug Cove.

Heartbroken on my home island

It was a beautiful day to SUP today.  Checked the wind forecasts and it looked like the west side was a good bet, so I chucked my board on the car and headed for Tunstall Bay.


Out on the bay the water was a little windy but I powered into it and headed [...]

Improving community decision making

How many of you live in communities where community meetings are boring affairs punctuated by outrage?  How many of you feel like influencing your local government means showing up en masse with a pettion or an organized campaign to get them to make a small change?  How many of you are just plain disillusioned [...]

Self organizing transportation options in community

Here on Bowen Island, we are still small enough and friendly enough that stuff like Bowen LIFT can get started relatively easily.  Bowen LIFT is trying to help people self-organize transportation options to complement our limited but excellent public bus service. This morning on CBC Radio, our LIFTers got a lift of their own.  Listen [...]

The varieties of winter on the west coast of Canada

Perhaps we need words for the seasons here on Bowen Island.  ”Winter” isn’t exactly accurate.  Since December 21 when Winter was supposed to have begun we have had the following kinds of days, among others:


Cold and clear days with no wind Snow that falls in some places but rains in others Southeasterly [...]

Living under a winter high

Just beautiful weather here the last week.  We have been living under a high pressure system that is forcing some wonderful meterological phenomena.  Notably, the high pressure traps cold air near the sea and creates an inversion, meaning that the moisture can’t escape and form clouds, so it lingers at sea level forming [...]